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The power of a tick

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  • Challenge

    After the tragic death of Olive Cooke, the whole charity sector was tarnished. With public trust at an all-time low, RNLI’s £34 million income was at serious risk. That’s when we helped a brave charity make an incredibly brave move. Because they were the very first charity to ask every single RNLI supporter for express permission to keep in touch. And this all had to be achieved in just 12 months.

  • Solution

    The entire campaign centred on an immediate and powerful call to arms, ‘Communication Saves Lives’. To build momentum over the year, we split our campaign into three distinct waves. Firstly, we made our message local and personal, sending supporters a plea from their local lifeboat crew. Then we used national press and radio; with social posts from RNLI lifesavers, as well as the voices of those who’d been rescued. Finally, we turned to the supporter community – getting them to spread the word and start a genuine movement.

  • Results

    • 450,000 supporters gave us permission to keep in touch, smashing the original target of 255,000.
    • Unprompted donations following our first wave of communications totalled £168,000.
    • By targeting the RNLI’s summer cash appeal at those supporters who opted in, the response rate and donations tripled.