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The details are sketchy

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  • Challenge

    The new Volkswagen Crafter. Bringing it to life took three years of exhaustive feedback from tradespeople and fleet managers, along with countless rounds of meticulous design. For our commercial audience, this was the story we needed to tell. That with the direct involvement of commercial people exactly like them, the Crafter was now 100% new.

  • Solution

    To convince customers of just how new the Crafter was, we sent them a designer’s entire notepad – with illustrations that authentically detailed all the notes and sketches, each one inspired by originals from Volkswagen. We showed the progression of every new feature, thought and detail; from a quick scribble to photos of the finished van stuck in the back. It was a brochure at heart. But illustrated in beautiful disguise.

  • Results

    • 309 centre visits
    • 454 sold
    • 102 incremental sales