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Virgin Holidays

Before the destination, there’s the journey

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  • Challenge

    Ever booked a Virgin Holiday? Then you’d have been bombarded with no less than 35 disjointed emails. Far from getting people ready (and excited) to travel, we were actually sending them into a spin. So our initial task was to bring back the unique and exceptional service Virgin customers paid a premium for. Then, get them enthusiastic enough about their destination to pre-book extra activities.

  • Solution

    Firstly, we created a premium service journey with ultra-clear and critical information. The ‘need to know’ stuff that customers would expect from us. Alongside this, we ran an engagement journey. This was the exciting stuff, celebrating everything customers have to look forward to – and would actually book. Using real staff as our guides, it highlighted the exceptional local knowledge you’d expect from Virgin.

  • Results

    • 84% email open rates hit
    • 92% click-through rates
    • 800% traffic increase to our destination upsell pages
    • £1.35m extra revenue generated for the year
    • ROI of £16.2 : 1