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All about the swing

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  • Challenge

    In 2017, Britain was caught up in the twists and turns of a snap election – creating an outpouring of opinion and commentary. Vying for attention amongst all this was The Economist. Up against so much choice, how could we get potential readers to actively choose The Economist for their election analysis? By offering free access, so voters could make an informed decision for themselves.

  • Solution

    Wherever the conversation was happening, we stepped in. Using The Economist’s well-known wit, we harnessed the power of context – from press ads to Snapchat. On election day itself, we even worked through the night to produce reactive outdoor reflecting the live constituency results. In every single creative, you couldn’t escape The Economist’s intelligent and informed perspective. Or the chance to get it for free.

  • Results

    The campaign created a huge new audience for The Economist. But more importantly;
    • 2,878 new subscriptions
    • Budget of £10k - ROMI of £6.29:1
    • 81,000 snapchat swipes, leading to 239 direct subscriptions.