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REBEL BASE / Bacardi brands- Global Social Media Manager


We’re shifting the dial on traditional a community management model…

As the digital landscape evolves, so do brands and how we connect with audiences. We need to be more proactive, reactive and culturally relevant to gain social credibility with desire audiences.

We are looking for a social savvy someone, entrepreneurial in spirit with an eye to spot culturally relevant opportunities and tap into conversations that our TA is already in engaged in.


You will be joining the Bacardi Social Media team made up of 7x brands across the global portfolio but with a specific focus on REBEL BRANDS – Eristoff and William Lawson’s scotch

As the name implies, Rebel Brands is ALL about defying convention. We don't care about the way things have always been done and we hate what's expected. So being part of this team means having permission and support to do things differently. So long as our consumers love it and what we do is relevant to our brands. 

Additional brands included in the portfolio is Martini, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Dewars and Bombay Sapphire.


  • Planned reactive content for timely posting
  • Reactive ad-hoc posts based on culturally relevant opportunities to piggy back
  • Witty copy – engaging with content creators, consumers to develop a deeper engagement
  • Asset development with content creators


Reporting into SAD and BD on Bacardi, the Global Social Media manager will be based in the Proximity London office. You will be required to lead the community management team from both a global and local perspective, collaboratively working and guiding local teams on social best practice an execution.

As this is a new model, rigorous monitoring and reporting will be required to ensure we’re always improving and evolving



40% - Find & respond to Reactive Marketing Opportunities (via global channels):

  • Find conversations/news stories/cultural happenings that are relevant to our brand and audience via social listening tools and relevant news sources
  • Come up with witty, humorous, thought-provoking responses to 
those reactive opportunities that result in news headlines, press coverage or a sh*t load of social media shares and mentions
  • Collaboratively ideate with other Rebel Scouts, sharing and uncovering news, insights and creative executions
  • Coordination with third party agencies (PR and paid media for amplification)
  • Coordinate paid media scheduling with agency partner (planned posts, reactive ad hoc posts)
  • Ability to work with local production to turn around visual assets (eg. images, GIFs, short video) in a matter of hours, not days
  • People person is essential – we want to build relationships and collaborate with content creators on various level co-create assets that resonate with our target audience
  • Reporting skills which will allow us to track coverage of the work we've created and how well we are performing 

20% - Local content development

  • Ideate with local teams on new content opportunities (adhoc posts or co-produce with content creators)
  • Collaboratively work with local teams to develop strategies and ideas for how we can create content with these creators 

20% - Operations

  • Program lead, test and learn the new way of working and continually strive to improve and evolve
  • Brand guardian across brands and ability
  • Coordinate and lead weekly content status’ with local markets (identify, ideate, create)
  • Accurately report on a weekly/monthly basis and ability to analyse results so we’re constantly evolving
  • Client and third party agency management (approvals, paid media, escalation, toolkit deployment)

20% - Reporting

  • Accurately report on a weekly/monthly basis on interactions and engagement on posts via social listening tools
  • Ability to analyse results so we’re constantly evolving
  • Ability to use social listening tools to identify trending topics and conversations



We are looking for someone with strong copywriting skills and the ability to build relationships with local content creators.

  • 2-3 years relevant industry experience (social media, content creation, copywriting, Alcohol experience not essential)
  • Strong copywriting skills

  • Content creation experience

  • Witty sense of humour
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Immersed in modern culture
  • Collaborative, enthusiastic, curious.


You work for Prox.
Prox works for you.

That’s how we work.

Work, work, work. Unless you’re criminally-inclined, have come into money, or else eschewed it entirely and found a way to exist on 32p a week, you’ll need to make an honest living somehow. If you can have lots of fun while doing so, that’s even better. On top of that, if you also get the chance to grow professionally by learning from some of the smartest people in the industry – worldwide – well, then you really are giggling. That’s pretty much what working for the UK’s best customer engagement agency involves. Earning, learning and laughing.

Nice work. And you can get it.

We’ll spare you any ‘aw shucks’ fake humbleness and just come out with it. We were recently named Campaign's No.1 Best Place to Work. Not one of the best. The best. We were also the DMA’s most awarded agency in 2017 – with 18 awards. (The next best agency got 3.) And WARC, the independent and highly respected global authority on advertising effectiveness, declared us their No.1 Global Digital Specialist Agency for 2017.

So, we are flipping good at what we do. And what we do is fuse the disciplines of direct marketing, user-experience, consumer planning and big data into award-winning ideas that deliver value for our clients. We create ‘authentic human experiences’ that truly change behaviour. To do that takes people. Human ones.

A.I. works for us. But it’ll never replace us.

Though we enthusiastically embrace the latest tools and technology, we never forget we are a creative agency that first and foremost creates relationships. Client relationships and consumer relationships. We’ve worked with VW, for example, for over 20 years. Our existing clients stay with us. New ones join us. We’ve got an impeccable record for new business: in the last 12 months we picked up Virgin Atlantic, Ikea, Audi and Asda. We’ve also retained BBC’s TV Licensing after a mandatory re-pitch. It’s the biggest data assignment in the UK.

Big in a small way. And vice versa.

Proximity London is the flagship in the worldwide OPMG (Omnicom Precision Marketing Group) network. It’s made up of 25 offices in 22 countries with over 2,000 employees – but, open plan in both office and outlook, we maintain the feel and attitude of the small, entrepreneurial shop we once were. As well as supercharging our data and technology capabilities, being part of a network also provides wider career opportunities as well as deepening the talent pool we