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Will big data come back to haunt us?

By Alec Barr

User experience architect Alec Barr writes in Little Black Book about the dark side of data.


Ninety per cent of all the data in existence was created in the last two years, says Alec Barr.


In the UK alone, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are created every day. In that same 24 hours, Twitter churns out 500 million messages and Netflix users worldwide stream 140 million hours of content.  


It’s not news that we live in a world of Big Data. But our rush to ride the wave of technological innovation may preface a more sinister phenomenon: the tumble into a society of surveillance. States don’t need to covertly watch us. We routinely, voluntarily surrender personal data in exchange for services that make our lives incrementally easier. We haven’t made it hard. And it’s easy to lose track of who knows everything about you – and how they can use it.


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