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Those who Cannes (and one that can’t)

By John Treacy

Cannes kicks off in full today, so here are my predictions. And as I get it wrong every year, this time I’m going a little broader.

Let’s start with what won’t be winning a Grand Prix. That accolade will go to Nike’s ‘Nothing beats a Londoner’. Far too London for Cannes.


As for the winners, we’ll see an in-house agency win a gold. My money is on Jigsaw.


It’s a Tide ad’ for Tide at the Super Bowl will win. A lot.


But the Grand Prix will go to Apple for the ‘Welcome Home’ Spike Jonze directed, special-effects-all-in-camera ad for their HomePod. Which is no doubt cool and clever, but has none of the likeability of the Nike ad. But I guess jokes about Peckham don’t travel...


As for a surprise big winner, I think it might be the Lacoste ‘Save our Species’ campaign from BTEC Paris. Lacoste released limited edition polos where the iconic crocodile was replaced with different animals whose species were threatened. The number of polos produced corresponded to how many animals were left in the wild.


Finally, The Palau Pledge. This tiny country made tourists promise they’ll behave in an eco-friendly way by stamping a pledge in their passports – and that visitors had to sign before they were let in. Grand Prix in direct, hands down. Good shot at titanium too.