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Prox OmniWomen work smarter for Smart Works

By Proximity London

Prox created the #ShirtOffMyBack campaign for the Smart Works charity ahead of the OmniWomen UK summit, as part of the #OmniWindows challenge.


A passionate team at Proximity won an Omnicom-wide competition to create a window campaign for a leading UK women's charity, ahead of International Women's Day and the third OmniWomen UK annual leadership summit in March. 


In the lead-up to the conference, Omnicom challenged every agency to dress their windows and donate clothing for Smart Works, a charity that supports out-of-work women by providing them with high quality interview attire, styling advice and interview training. The challenge was called #OmniWindows.


OmniWomen UK is committed to championing both the number and influence of women in leadership across Omnicom’s businesses and is part of an on-going programme of activities to support and inspire its members.


Finding it difficult to see and hashtag and not get a little bit social, Proximity launched #ShirtOffMyBack. Team members were asked to donate items of clothing as requested and in return they would receive a T-shirt to wear, dance in, pose, take pictures of and share using the hashtags.


We donated more than 230 items of clothing for Smart Works, and the 50 T-shirts we initially printed disappeared within three days. Even the Smart Works CEO was seen sporting one! 


As always, our Prox team went above and beyond, creating something amazing for a great charity and having a lot of fun in the process. Since we love a hashtag so much, here's another one: #ProximityRules.