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Junior school: from placement to perm

By Josh Fidell and Bella Owen

Discover everything you never wanted to know about becoming a junior creative team. Starting out on placement with the JOLT initiative, our now full-time creatives Josh Fidell and Bella Owen reveal what they’ve learnt in their Prox story so far.


3 months in


Ever wondered what it’s like being the only junior team at Proximity? Well wonder no longer friends, colleagues, and beautiful people of advertising. We’re here to put those questions to bed.


To allow us to better understand this age old question of life, we must first rewind to the ancient time of September 2018, where a fresh-faced Bella & Josh suddenly landed here on placement.



Life on placement


Some call it Miami but the cool kids simply call it Bankside. From its hip coffee shops to its world-class nightlife - the local area really has everything you’d expect from the bustling metropolis of Adland, a distant cry from the barren streets of Watford & Birmingham (our respective hometowns).


Thankfully, we immediately felt at home here, as from the get-go everyone went above and beyond to make us both feel as comfortable as possible. We were even bestowed with some form of initiation ritual, with the local population stripping us of our former titles and christening us ‘The Jolt Team’, predictably to mimic the honorary act of stripping a Knight of his past name.



Placement no more


*Fast forward through loads of pints at the White Hart, a bunch of fun briefs for Audi and a stint at Mother later, we find ourselves in the present. It’s 7 months on and we’re back in Miami baby, this time as JUNIORS! So sit back, pour yourself a margarita and hear what’s new and what’s changed.


The answer is a lot.


Jay no longer drinks milk, the chocolate run has gone all Jamie Oliver on us and Pret now sells Lobster rolls (I think I hate it? Yeah, deffo hate it.) More importantly though, since becoming juniors there’s been a ton of big changes, too many to smash together into one awfully written paragraph in fact. So, we did the next best thing and bullet-pointed it. Here goes:



1. Our role as juniors


With becoming permanent comes trust, and with trust comes expectation (no, that’s not the Spiderman quote). This isn’t a bad thing though, in fact, it’s great - it means we’re constantly learning on the job, and when we don’t understand something we have to work together to figure it out. As a result it means we’re constantly in a state of progression as creatives, something that we both feel is highly important at such an early stage in our careers.


As someone very knowledgeable and wise once said, With great power comes great responsibility.¹

Or in our case, with becoming permanent comes expectation and trust.


2. Making a name for ourselves


Nope. We’re not talking about Bosh, Joshella, or Jobella (although we agree they are delightful names for a child, please get in touch) but rather establishing a name for ourselves creatively.


As we keep banging on about, we’re the only junior team here, but we’re also a hybrid duo - meaning neither one of us fills the role of a traditional Art Director/ Copywriter. Instead, we prefer to work together to solve a problem through utilising our individual skill sets and interests when and where necessary to solve a brief in the most creative way possible. Personally we like to think of it as that builder who can build your loft extension, clean your pool and also mow your lawn. Result!


3. Inclusion & Contribution


Becoming permanent has given us a real voice when it comes to contributing to agency culture - something that’s really important to us. Being part of the team has meant our opinion always feels valued and appreciated.


There’s a unique culture of openness that allows everyone to bring their own perspective on the things we do as an agency. Having the chance to get stuck into agency initiatives, from culture club to any one of the agency-wide open briefs, means that there’s always room to express creativity. From working on Diversity Week to joining the Environmental Committee, it’s been lovely to get involved with things we’re passionate about.



To recap


So, if you’re still with us - let’s summarise.


We’ve gone from Jolt Team to Junior Creatives.


We like where this is going.


Make the chocolate run great again.


Thanks everyone/ the road ahead is looking bright.






¹                 Uncle Ben, U.B. (1964).Spiderman Vol 1.