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Adopting a new approach to Movember

By Josh Fidell and Bella Owen
Adopt a Tache for Movember at Proximity London

With donations on the decline, Proximity decided to switch things up and make this a Movember to remember. Placement team Josh & Bella tell us mo’.

You will have heard of the Movember Foundation. It’s a multinational charity that aims to raise awareness of and money for men’s health. And it’s a great cause, with this year’s donations going towards the fight against testicular cancer.


So, how does Movember fundraise money? If you don’t know already, it involves men (only) growing an unflattering amount of facial hair for the month of November which then, in theory, encourages their friends and loved ones to sponsor them.


Sounds fun. Why, then, have donations for Movember been on a yearly decline? Is traditional fundraising broken? Perhaps it’s because Nigel Farage's 2016 mo’ was a national turn-off that left a lasting impression? Or could it be that people can no longer bear the sight of their loved ones trying to channel Tom Selleck, when they look more like Michael Cera?


Or maybe it’s because Movember uses the same approach to raising money year after year.


Well, we thought it might be the latter, so we decided to switch things up this year. Adopt-a-tache is a campaign that aims to make Movember an initiative everyone (yes, everyone) could be involved in. How? By allowing anyone to have a mo' of their very own – simply through the act of adopting the ’tache of someone else in the agency.


When a moustache was adopted, the adopter would receive a set of perks and rewards, including an official Certificate of Adoption, a mo’gress report and even a ‘Tiny Tache’. The idea here was simple: mo’ money, mo’ rewards, creating an incentive for people to get involved more than they usually would.


And it worked.


The campaign landed with a bang in the agency, and we're really proud to announce that it raised a grand total of £1,235 – smashing our target by more than £200. 


Now December is upon us, most of the ’taches have been shorn, and we’re rather missing them. Despite Movember having come and gone, we’ve all got the memories of our loved mo’s to cherish.

Bella and Josh are currently on a JOLT placement at Proximity London.