Agency of the year

Top of the Class

We’ve done it. We’re one of only four creative agencies to score a perfect 9 in today’s Campaign School Report. For the past two years we were given an 8 and we so wanted to get our score up to a 9/9. Now we’re there.

Campaign editor Clare Beale describes the annual School Report as, “the definitive assessment of how the biggest advertising and media agencies performed last year.” To score a 9 demonstrates that we’ve had an “outstanding” year.

What clearly impressed the magazine was how successful we had been in blending soul and science. They recognise that this isn’t just a slogan but a genuine achievement, combining inspired creative work with data driven insights. Our work for The Economist and Water Aid are two clear examples of this in operation.

We’re already Campaign’s ‘Agency of the Year’, the DMA Grand Prix winner and proud tamers of a Cannes Bronze Lion. To be given the 9 is the perfect way of rounding the year off. And hey, it’s St Patrick’s Day too.