Agency of the year

Crowdsourcing our way to success

Today’s students consume live TV on their tablet or laptop. They reckon they don’t need a licence for it. They’re wrong. But where would we find the strategy to persuade them to fork out for one? Simple. We invited them to create the strategy themselves.

You might think asking students to come up with a campaign for TV Licencing is like asking turkeys to publicise Christmas. Yet, by using psychological profiling, we turned the exercise into a mission they really embraced. We invited creatively driven students to give us ideas and students with a critical bias to evaluate them. A clear winner emerged.

The finished executions compare irreverent, imaginary experiences with the content available on TV. Our students told us, for example, they’d pay over £700 to travel through time and over £400 to talk to animals, like Dr Doolittle did. Which makes the modest 40p a day for a TV Licence remarkably good value.

We’d taken a heuristic and anchored it firmly. And we’d done it in a language every student would relate to. That’s why you’ll now find the campaign running on radio, online, in student halls up and down the country.