Agency of the year

That £1 coin you put in the swimming locker…

Our new Hope Locker campaign for WaterAid completely reframes how we give to charity. Rather than asking us to make a donation, it asks if we really want to take back money we’ve already partially given away.

Hope Locker launches a completely new media platform. We’ve built simple video display into coin operated changing room lockers to create a micro donation opportunity at swimming pools.

The swimmer inserts their pound and locks up their belongings as usual, then opens the locker after returning from the pool. They are asked if, rather than taking back their coin, they’d like to donate it to Water Aid.

The WaterAid cause (clean drinking water) is hyper-relevant and we tap into swimmers’ anxieties about how much water they swallow while swimming. Using the emotional power of this contextual insight and WaterAid’s own data, we contrasted first-world woes with the tragic reality facing the developing world, showing exactly how many children had died from swallowing dirty water while they were swimming.

What is so exciting is that we really are challenging loss aversion. The swimmer has already parted with the coin. It is in a psychological limbo. So will that make it far easier to translate it into a donation? We’ll soon find out.