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SXSW Top 10

Proximity London’s Technical Director & Delivery, Andy Morris, shares his Top 10 take outs from the 2013 South by Southwest® Conference in Austin Texas:

1. Leap Motion The star product of the show (shipping May and we have it on order)

2. User interfaces are turning up everywhere often to the detriment of user experience

3. The Quantified Self. The rise of Little Data collection through multi-sensory devices; FuelBand, Basis Band, FitBit etc. to drive personal behaviour change.

4. Big data isn’t understood. More sensors, more technology, more sharing, more data, more computational power, but our caveman brains are still catching up

5. Elon Musk Made everyone else feel stupid.

6. FourSquare Doesn’t seem to have progressed since last year.

7. Social data. Why listen to such a small and very specific demographic / psychographic of your customer base?

8. Stephen Wolfram. He could probably solve all of the “big data” questions while juggling knives.

9. Gamification. Like the word or not, gaming techniques and games are still the best way to drive engagement.

10. Space. Privateers and entrepreneurs are boldy going where governments can no longer afford; SpaceX  Xprize