Agency of the year

Proud to be appointed

In the next hour, someone, somewhere in the UK will lose their eyesight. When they do, Guide Dogs will help make sure they don’t lose their freedom as well. We are proud to have been appointed lead strategic and creative agency for this iconic, highly popular charity, in partnership with media specialists MC&C.

There are almost two million people in the UK living with sight loss and this is predicted to double by 2050. So it’s more important than ever that Guide Dogs further increases public awareness of its work. We’re looking forward to using our Creative Intelligence to tap into people’s natural goodwill and deliver a step change in one to one relationships with current donors and potential givers.

As an agency of dog lovers, we have a second reason to be particularly excited by this account win and there is no shortage of people here keen to work on the business.

Image (C) Guide Dogs 2015