Agency of the year

Our tips are pure Gold

Congratulations to the Proximity London team who have picked up Gold at the International Echo Awards and a Silver at the Campaign Big Awards for the social campaign ‘Mission Control’.

Finding a truly engaging social platform for FMCG is a tough challenge, but the Mission Control app offers busy mums a genuinely valuable, everyday tool.  So how did we do it?

First we turned Facebook into a to-do list. Then we added a real time app that empowers the user to crowd source useful tips from thousands of other savvy mums. The more the user contributes, the more rewards she receives from P&G – all cleverly matched to help with the jobs on her to-do list.

The target of 100 tips a week was swept aside by a rush of enthusiastic contributors. We have seen over 12,000 tips shared weekly and over 33,000 P&G coupons unlocked and served to customers.

The campaign has helped P&G fulfil its purpose to be there for busy mums with extra help at exactly the right moment. Executive Creative Director Caitlin Ryan recognises the full significance of the Echo International Awards, “It means we are competing on the world stage and coming out on top.”

Here’s a proud Project Manager!