Agency of the year

Measure of success

Did you know Chief Executives of major companies are much taller, on average, than the rest of the population? Or that, far from being a dry business publication, The Economist is stuffed with fascinating insights like this? No? Well, thanks to a new digital campaign we’ve created, you soon will do. It points potential subscribers towards a series of surprisingly stimulating articles, and gives them a taste of what they are currently missing.

The cheeky yet challenging style uses copy lines that include: “If you want to be a CEO, grow some” and “Bad back? Do it doggy style”. As well as making engagement almost irresistible, the lines also reflect the publication’s own playful tone of voice perfectly.

The result is a seamless user journey where readers who engage with an ad are served the full article before being nudged to register or subscribe. Other executions focus on consumer targeting, changes in the workplace and a rather unexpected – and unintended – consequence of the boom in smartphones: a fall in the prices charged by sex workers.