Agency of the year

Making the rainforest social

At Proximity we’re established experts in near field communication, but when Kenco asked us to help them create an interactive Columbian rainforest, this was something new even for us.

Kenco buy all their beans from Rainforest Alliance certified farms and their refill packaging reduces waste. They asked us to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and, at the same time, invite customers to get involved too. The result is Fan Forest.

With beautiful design and atmospheric sounds, the Fan Forest floats the user above the spectacular landscape and issues an invitation to choose a square metre they’d like to protect. All it takes is a simple ‘Like’. As the ‘likes’ build up, Kenco will buy and protect plots through the World Land Trust.

Facebook functionality allows users to see who else has interacted and to share the experience with friends. As Proximity’s Executive Creative Director, Caitlin Ryan, puts it “Digital needs to be so much more than a one off experience. We’re building a community, and this is the starting point in a relationship which gives Kenco drinkers reasons to go back and engage.”