Agency of the year

Heard the roar from Cannes?

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Last year we won a Bronze Lion at Cannes for our real time The Economist campaign. This year we’ve done even better, winning a highly coveted Gold Cannes Effectiveness award for the campaign.

This is the ultimate accolade for what has proved to be a celebrated piece of advertising that’s brought success for our client and our media partners UM London, as well as ourselves. Already winner of DMA Grand Prix, Brand Republic Gold and a host of other awards, our Gold Lion this week is the icing on the cake.

To win the Effectiveness award really does demonstrate our strength. We have the creative intelligence to find the key insights, the imagination and craft to transform them into compelling, eye catching executions and the meticulous measurement that can refine our work into something truly effective in the marketplace long term.

Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Circulation for The Economist, Michael Brunt, sums it up perfectly, “In a machine-driven digital marketing world where every individual interaction has a value, it’s easy to think creativity no longer matters. But we’re not machines and we act from the heart as often as we act from the head. Ignoring creativity means ignoring the impulse buy, the passion, the loyalty and the value customers place on brands.”

Now, what’s the French for champagne?