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Going under the bonnet with Carl Warner

Proximity London has joined forces with leading photographer Carl Warner for a direct mail campaign to launch the new Volkswagen Golf.

The piece deconstructs the new car, using car parts to create a beautiful three-dimensional CityScape.

Photographer Carl Warner is often referred to as the ‘Willy Wonka of photography’. He creates stunning scenes from sweets, fresh fruit, vegetables and even smoked salmon. His ability to turn simple objects into beautiful landscapes made him the perfect choice for the campaign’s lead visual.

Tom Wharfe, Marketing Communications Manager at Volkswagen, commented: “When customers make a major purchasing decision, they look beyond the surface gloss to the product truths underneath. Proximity has cleverly created a communication which portrays the depth of changes in the new car.”

Caitlin Ryan, Executive Creative Director, added: “We see Volkswagen as a brand that really prides itself on its design heritage, so for us it was vital that we reflected that in our work. This piece does exactly that.”