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Disarming Honesty for Shell

Shell wants customers and motorists to reconsider the quality of food at Shell stations – thanks to its new deli2go concept. Previous campaigns – simply highlighting the new food – had done little to shift perceptions or drive sales. We’ve created an approach to tackle pre-conceptions head-on. The result is “disarming honesty” – where lifestyle photography and copy acknowledge the unexpected – you can now find good food at a garage.

The campaign is built around evocative food preparation images and copy lines like “Proud not to serve garage food” and even – to go alongside the newspaper racks “Good food found in garage – now there’s a headline for you.” Elements gradually build the messaging through the customer journey – from the simple stopping power of the roadside executions to increasing temptation as the customer nears the store.

Shell’s Convenience Retail Manager Rado Svec says “We understand that people don’t (yet) expect quality food from service stations. So we’ve done what no one else has and tackled that perception head on. Our honest approach acknowledges customers negative perceptions, challenges them and invites them to see and taste for themselves.”

Executive Creative Director, Caitlin Ryan at Proximity explains that “Confidence breeds confidence. Together Shell and Proximity have done the unthinkable. We’ve acknowledged customer preconceptions and then asked them to reappraise because the Deli2Go experience is so much better than they would think possible.”

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