Agency of the year

Brand transformation story of the year

Lloyds Bank yesterday launched a new identity that hopes to help redefine the image and customer experience.
It aims to demonstrate the bank’s ability to understand what matters thanks to its overtly customer-led approach, and its work to constantly evolve to meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

This ambitious transformation of its business builds upon the significant shifts in the financial services market in recent years. Customers’ lives and attitudes have changed fundamentally and as a result so too have their expectations of banking services.

Proximity have been integral in helping develop and translate the new brand, bringing it to life both visually and tonally in all direct communications including DM, email and digital.

The new ‘breath of fresh air’ tone of voice has initiated a step change in the way we talk to our customers and we have taken the opportunity to apply this approach not just to marketing comms, but also to mandatory and service comms to deliver a more consistent customer experience.

Sharon Whale, Deputy Chairman of Proximity says “Lloyds rebrand has been a project with huge and diverse reach and we are proud of the role we have played and are continuing to play. It has given us with a real platform to differentiate Lloyds Bank customer communications moving forwards.”