Agency of the year

Bite-sized Oreo films

Oreo has a huge global Facebook following totalling 34 million fans. The 2 million people who like us in the UK mainly belong to families. Of course we want those families to carry on liking us. But we also want to reach out to the global audience of young people who grew up with Oreos and are now taking them into their grown-up lives.

These millennials are used to something just that little bit edgier. So we’ve created new content that talks to this demographic without alienating our older, ‘safer’ audience. It’s fresh, forward looking and makes you smile. It uses a humour that millennials will recognise and relate to, yet which will also raise a smile among the older generation.

The bite-sized films have been created exclusively for social media –Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. They star Oreos, mini Oreos and glasses of milk. They’re simple and playful, true to the Oreo brand. Find them online right now.