Agency of the year

A double shot from Kenco

First we were appointed digital agency. Now, in recognition of the quality of digital work we’ve delivered over the last 18 months, we’ve been asked to manage Kenco’s CRM strategy from January 2013.  They recognise we have the insights, measurement tools and behavioural expertise to guide interactions with consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Rebecca Robert, Senior Brand Manager at Kenco, said “We are delighted to be able to make this decision and see it as the natural evolution of our relationship. With their deep understanding of both digital and CRM, we believe that Proximity London will be the perfect partner to help us develop a social CRM programme that builds lasting and valuable relationships with our consumers starting from our first contact with them, wherever and whenever that may be.”

Matt Puddephat, agency Group Account Director said he was looking forward to this next phase of Proximity London’s relationship with the Kenco brand.  “Our data capability supports some of the biggest CRM assignments in the UK and we are looking forward to developing a highly personalised social CRM programme for Kenco that evolves and reacts to their consumers’ needs.”


Technical Director at Proximity London