Agency of the year

3D Printing

We are now the proud owners of a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

It’s kind of weird how exciting it is and how interested people are. It’s not like getting a simple prototype developed by someone has ever been a really long an arduous task and manufacturing has managed to produce some pretty incredible things over the years. But, the ability to start with a roll of plastic wire and end up with a working product 40 minutes later is making us all very happy.

So far we’ve got a few spanners, some iPad stands and a basket to put them all in so we won’t be challenging for a manufacturing industry innovation prize just yet.

3D prints

With digital we love to build things, show them to our clients so they can see them, interact with them and get excited about them. There are some great tools and technologies which let us build digital/mobile proto

Our new 3D printer means we can bring some of the physical into this prototyping to further boost our creativity and our work. We’ve already got lots of plans and projects in mind.

We’re fully aware that CERN have discovered what they believe to be the Higgs Boson particle but we are equally in awe of our new ability to print small white plastic stuff.