Watch out.  Creative Intelligence at work.

We take Data. We blend it with Cognitive Science to create compelling, award-winning creative communications that shape, prompt, nudge, remind, excite, drive and inspire human actions. We call the process Creative Intelligence.


Finding something extra to win the Halifax account

When we were invited to pitch for Halifax’s CRM business, we knew we’d need to do something heroic. After all, we were up against three very strong rivals and had to produce work capable of standing seamlessly alongside the bank’s existing partners A&E DDB, Rufus Leonard and MEC. Our team duly delivered (the momentum of so much new business success helping drive us forward) and we are delighted to have been appoi...
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Campaign School Report earns us close to top marks

No naughty step for us this year. We’ve been awarded an excellent 8 out of 9 in the annual Campaign School Report. Did we slip a cheeky apple to teacher when the rest of the class wasn’t looking? No. Campaign reckoned we were worth the high marks for three compelling reasons. First, we got our focus right, with a new behavioural approach to CRM. Then we employed the right people to execute the new vision (notably Joh...
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Oxfam launches the Happiest Mother’s Day card with live art event

Proximity London have brought together talented artist Lizzie Mary Cullen and cutting edge technology by Grand Visual to create a real time giant Mother’s Day card for Oxfam – a celebration of mums around the world as part of the charity’s Mother Appeal. The Happiest Mother’s Day Card is a giant canvas divided up into lots of little squares. When a member of the public goes online and dedicates a square to their mum ...
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Welcome to London’s only seven floor art gallery

Once gazed upon by the likes of David Abbott, Peter Mead other BBDO agency greats through the years, Proximity London have finally capitalised on the towering heights of their building on the Old Marylebone Road with the launch of Gallery Vertigo. Not only is Gallery Vertigo London’s newest art gallery, at seven storeys it’s the tallest gallery in town. Making full use of Proximity’s unique towering atriu...
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Smarter creative delivery? Speak to our new Bureau

Marketers’ needs are changing. These days, as well as big, demanding projects, Proximity has to manage lots of smaller ones – relatively simple jobs such as a brand Tweet, a Facebook post or email. To make sure we can deliver them quickly, without compromising on quality, we’ve set up a new workstream, called the Bureau. It’s a bit like a news desk, constantly providing high quality content despite tight deadlines an...
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Oreo’s Biscuity take on winter sports

With 34 million Facebook fans globally and 2 million in the UK, Oreo is a big player in the social world. So it’s only right that they stay up to date with what’s happening right now. After the success of their recent animation work for the social audience, Proximity London has created some more bite-sized animation work. This time, they’re based on winter sports, taking a look at what role Oreos mi...
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Woo Week at Proximity Towers.

Last week romance was in the air as Proxi People wooed their colleagues (anonymously, of course) for charity. One highlight was definitely the moment Facilities Assistant Joe Carter took to the window cleaners’ gantry, scaling the building dressed as Superman to message his love to Account Exec Rachel James. MD Gabrielle Moss returned to her office on Valentine’s Day to find it covered with hearts and balloons. She c...
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Proximity hires John Vinton as Creative Partner

John Vinton will join the agency as Creative Partner from his role as Deputy Creative Director at Archibald Ingall Stretton. Reporting to Executive Creative Director, John Treacy, Vinton will work closely with Creative Partner Jo Jenkins across the agency’s main brands. John will join Proximity in March after a total of 13 years at AIS where he returned in 2003 following a two year stint at Craik Jones. Over his long...
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Aidan Moran joins as Creative Operations Director

Moran joins Proximity London to lead operations across all the agency’s projects and clients. He brings over 15 years of experience in Senior Creative Service roles at agencies like Ogilvyone, Inferno (now Draft FCB) and most recently, Cheil. Aidan Moran was at Cheil for the past year where he oversaw the implementation of a new delivery system. Prior to Cheil, Moran headed up Creative Services at Inferno (Draft FCB)...
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